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Is It Time for a Professional Network Installation?

An Enterprise-Grade Home Network Offers Fast & Reliable Coverage

Is It Time for a Professional Network Installation?

If you live in a smart home or a home with numerous connected devices and rely on the wireless network, modem, and router supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the answer to the above question is, most likely, yes. These are designed for average performance in the average home, and if you live in a smart home, it is anything but average. 

Eventually, as more connected devices are added, you’ll notice the telltale signs that suggest your home network is buckling under the strain and does not have the bandwidth to support them. Let’s look at how we provide smart homes with the bandwidth they require to run securely, quickly, and reliably in Camas, WA.

5 Components to Include in Your Home Theater Installation

Create the Best Cinema Possible with These Premier Solutions

5 Components to Include in Your Home Theater Installation

A custom home theater is the pinnacle of home entertainment. They can provide a cinematic watching experience that rivals even the most advanced public movie theaters. You might think a home theater is made up of only audio and video solutions, and while those are important, you can integrate many smart technologies into your theater. Other smart solutions help provide a truly luxurious watching experience. Here are five smart technologies you should consider including in your home theater installation in Oswego, WA.

Enjoy Effortless Living in a Control4 Smart Home

Don’t Let Fear of Technology Get in the Way of Luxurious Smart Home Living

Enjoy Effortless Living in a Control4 Smart Home

Do you wonder what it’s like to live in an automated home? Are you hesitating to bring smart home technology into your new build or upgrade your current residence due to past experiences with unreliable technology?

That’s where Control4 and Encore Audio Video come in. Our smart homes are customized to your specific needs, integrating all your smart devices and systems under one reliable platform that’s easy to use. 

Let's explore the creation of a Portland, WA, smart home.

Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

Enhance Your Everyday Life in a Smart Home

Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

As smart technology expands, many people integrate connected devices into their homes. Some popular smart items include locks, video doorbells, light bulbs, and thermostats. As they experience the ease and convenience one product offers, they expand their home’s “smart” circle. In the process, they also end up with separate apps that control each device, a setup that can lead to frustration. 

A whole-home automation system brings the many disjointed devices together. All your smart systems and devices are now controlled from one user-friendly platform. This level of integration also allows your smart devices to communicate with each other, creating a smart home that’s genuinely “smart.”

Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they enhance the lives of homeowners in Oswego, WA.