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Discover How a Professionally Installed Home Theater Brings the Magic of the Movies To You


Movies have incredible power; the medium influences culture, raises our consciousness and helps us to break free, however shortly, from the stresses of the day. When the lights dim and the screen lights up, the images, sound, and story enthrall and enchant.

The 14-time Academy Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola feels the same way, saying: “I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.”

A professionally designed and installed home theater brings the excitement and thrill of the cinema right to your Lake Oswego, OR home. Are you ready to have your expectations exceeded? Then continue reading below to discover what is possible.

The Essential Elements of Home Theater Design

Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Home with Stunning Images and Superior Sound

The Essential Elements of Home Theater Design

If you are a genuine movie fan, you understand the power of films to move you. It is one of the few mediums that can make you laugh, cry, and cheer with unabashed joy, often all at the same moment. The craft of filmmaking has become the most influential format around the globe in less than a hundred years.

An art form with this much import and history deserves a proper place to watch it. Home theater design demands close coordination with the architects, designers, builders, and most importantly – you. Our process involves considering and reviewing all the factors of a room that may affect how the technology is implemented.

Our goal is to ensure that the results exceed your expectations. Are you ready to explore the possibilities of an ultimate movie experience in your Portland, OR smart home? Read below to find out more.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with a Private Cinema

Enjoy Theater-Worthy Entertainment at Home

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with a Private Cinema

One of our favorite American pastimes is going to the movies. In recent years, though, streaming services like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon have made it easier to watch the things we want to see at home. Coupled with the high production values of new television series that rival or even exceed filmit’s becoming less attractive to drive to a theater and spend three times as much as you would for a similar experience from your couch. This has many homeowners investing more in home theater systems, and if you are really a film buff, you may want to have your own private cinema at home. But how does one convert a space in their Vancouver, WA home into a high-end theater? With the help from one of our expert home theater designers and considering your preferences and priorities, you can have the private cinema you’ve always wanted. Keep reading for more. 

Thinking About a Custom Home Theater?

Here Are the 4 Top Things to Consider

Thinking About a Custom Home Theater?

Have you always longed for a completely custom home theater for your Portland home? Maybe the timing was never quite right because of competing priorities. Now your moment has come, and you’re ready to make your dream into a reality.

As you investigate it, all the options for a home theater space may seem a bit daunting. What kind of seating do I want? Do I need special lighting? What kind of speakers should I get? Should it look like an actual theater or go with the rest of my home’s décor?

There is no correct answer for any of these questions: The answers lie in what you want out of your home theater. You can do it yourself, but you are better off with a professional like Encore Audio Video. We are experts in home theater and media room design and installation, and we can guide you through every step of the process toward getting the theater of your dreams. With that in mind, let’s discuss four areas you’ll want to consider to help you make sense of the options.