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One of the latest home theater surround sound systems is Dolby Atmos. Learn how this type of sound system immerses the listener in a movie soundtrack.

Bring Music and Movies to Life with a Surround Sound System

Experiencing the Ultimate Home Theater Surround Sound

Bring Music and Movies to Life with a Surround Sound System

When you envision your designated home theater, do your thoughts turn to the wall-sized screen and the lifelike images that immerse you in the latest movie? For many people, this is their first concern and an important one. 

What some consider an even greater element in the immersive cinematic experience is the theater surround sound. This system engulfs you, taking you into the setting. It's critical for disentangling from the world for a while and journeying to another place in time. If your movie takes place in the Amazon rain forest, you’ll hear the birds overhead, the rustle of the leaves off to the right, and feel the howler monkey’s call echo through you. 

Today’s surround sound systems come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s explore the makings of these systems that bring movies and games to life in your Camas, WA, home theater.