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Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

Enhance Your Everyday Life in a Smart Home

Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

As smart technology expands, many people integrate connected devices into their homes. Some popular smart items include locks, video doorbells, light bulbs, and thermostats. As they experience the ease and convenience one product offers, they expand their home’s “smart” circle. In the process, they also end up with separate apps that control each device, a setup that can lead to frustration. 

A whole-home automation system brings the many disjointed devices together. All your smart systems and devices are now controlled from one user-friendly platform. This level of integration also allows your smart devices to communicate with each other, creating a smart home that’s genuinely “smart.”

Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they enhance the lives of homeowners in Oswego, WA. 

4 Ways Smart Lighting Control Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your home perfectly lit and comfortable

4 Ways Smart Lighting Control Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Lighting is one of your most-used home utilities. When flipping switches on and off all day is a habit, it’s easy to get careless with how often you’re using unnecessary lighting. How many days have you come home from work, only to find the bedroom light still on? How many times have you left the kitchen light on while sitting in the living room watching TV? How many times have you used a bright table lamp for reading when a much dimmer setting would have sufficed?

All these little things add up to significant energy waste — and that’s reflected in your monthly power bill. A smart lighting control system can help you curb unnecessary lighting use and make your Lake Oswego, OR, home more energy-efficient. Learn how below!

Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Come to Our Showroom to Learn How Control4 Automation Can Simplify Your Busy Life

Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Control4 is a system that can interconnect all your home’s technology so you can operate it from a smartphone app, sleek on-wall keypad, dedicated tablet, or via voice command using a smart speaker.

Control4 is a company that has been at the forefront of designing smart home systems since the early 2000s. To date, they have integrated and designed home systems in over half a million houses around the world, and their systems are now compatible with some 35,000 different household devices.

At the end of October, Encore Audio Video will be hosting their “C4 Yourself” event where they will be demonstrating for you all of C4’s amazing home automation features including two brand-new products that the company is releasing.

3 Exciting New Trends in Smart Home Systems for 2020

New technologies and new ways to use them make this the perfect time to embrace smart home living

3 Exciting New Trends in Smart Home Systems for 2020

There’s no doubt that home automation is becoming more and more popular across the U.S., including Oregon. From lighting control to home security systems and beyond, every day more people discover how much automation can improve their daily lives. That’s in part because the technology is becoming more affordable across the board.

Smart home technology makes everyday living more relaxing and comfortable, and it creates an environment perfectly attuned to your needs and preferences. If you need more convincing, here are three affordable trends in smart home systems that could help you live a better life in your Lake Oswego, OR home.