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Introducing: The Encore Audio Video Podcast

Explore Key Home Automation Topics from Encore Audio Video’s Podcast

Introducing: The Encore Audio Video Podcast

Jeff Grove and Clark von Trotha, system designers at Encore Audio Video, had the pleasure of chatting with Luke Anderson on the Northwest Business radio show. The podcast addressed some important topics in home automation and audio-video equipment—questions that clients in Portland, WA, and the surrounding areas commonly ask.

So, in this post, we thought we’d share a brief overview of the conversation and the trends we see in the industry. If you’re curious about home automation or considering integrating the latest technology to make your home smart, you’ll find the podcast introduction here.

The Makings of an Immersive Home Theater Experience

Today’s Technology Offers Engulfing Images and Immersive Audio

The Makings of an Immersive Home Theater Experience

Are you considering creating a space designed for the ultimate cinematic experience? From home theater systems to media rooms, the advancements in home entertainment in the last decade have transformed how people enjoy movies, concerts, their latest Netflix series, and even video games. Today’s audio-video equipment offers crystal-clear images and immersive sound fields once only found at the best movie theaters in town. 

Let’s look at a few of the brands we partner with and how we’re transforming rooms into state-of-the-art home theaters in Oswego, WA.

Transform Your Home & Outdoor Areas with Sonance Speakers

Sonance Speakers Deliver High-Fidelity Sound to Home Theaters, Whole-Home Audio, & Outdoor Areas

Transform Your Home & Outdoor Areas with Sonance Speakers

Did you know that you can experience crystal-clear high-performance audio drifting through your home and outdoor spaces without seeing the source of the sound? As homeowners' demands for high-fidelity audio that didn’t mar their home’s aesthetics intensified, audio manufacturers began their quest to deliver the ultimate architectural speakers. 

Sonance speakers were one of the first on the market, and the company is now recognized as the inventor of the invisible and architectural speaker category. It is the only company to win 11 highly coveted CEDIA awards for the “Best New Product” and has been recognized by architects and interior designers.  

These speakers are designed for varying applications, including home theater surround sound and outdoor entertainment. Let’s explore the possibilities and see why homeowners in Portland, OR turn to Sonance and Encore Audio Video for their smart home entertainment.

Experience the Incredible World of High-Performance Sound

Learn about the Makings of a Hi-Fi Audio System

Experience the Incredible World of High-Performance Sound

There’s something almost awe-inspiring when you walk into a room and unexpectedly hear high-fidelity or Hi-Fi music filling the space. You hear every detail andevery note as the musician intended. It’s the pure reproduction of sound, from the highest treble to the lowest bass. Listen to your favorite guitar riff on Hi-Fi equipment, and it takes on a whole new sound, leaving you feeling like you’re hearing it for the first time. 

At Encore Audio Video, we partner with the best brands in the industry, enabling us to create spaces that leave our clients breathless. Fair warning: Once you enter the world of high-performance sound, there's no going back. With that said, let's look at the various equipment used to create this remarkable experience in your Vancouver, OR, home.