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A Smart Home Company Installation Enhances Your Comfort and Well-Being, Automatically


As a premier smart home company, we provide you with many ways to enhance your lifestyle, personalizing the spaces you inhabit to your needs and desires. At a touch of a button or a voice command, you can easily customize  lighting, media, security, and more for comfort and convenience.

While entertainment and ambiance are essential, true comfort comes from living in an environment that is adjusted to your preference. An advanced climate control system keeps you comfortable, inspired and improves your overall well-being.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Portland, OR home? Keep reading below to discover more.

A Smart Home Company Can Revolutionize Your Home Experience

Learn What Smart Home Technologies Define Luxurious Living

A Smart Home Company Can Revolutionize Your Home Experience

Encore Audio Video has served the Vancouver, WA, and Portland area for over 30 years, delivering full-service audio and video customization and offering more than 70 leading industry brands. Today, through our exceptional service and dedication to enhancing our client’s lifestyles, we’ve distinguished ourselves as the premier smart home company in the area.

Let's look at how we change our clients' lives with fun and easy-to-use technology.


Control4 OS3 Brings a New Dimension to your Smart home with Upgraded Features, Functions, and High-Resolution Audio


Control4, the innovative and industry-leading smart home company, recently released a big update to its operating system to rave reviews. Whether you are an existing user or considering installing a new home automation system, the features in OS3 are worth keeping in mind.

The upgrade, described by leading trade magazines as '... among the most significant system improvements to date.’ presents a new look and feel. The interface navigation is more efficient and straightforward, including quick find menus and improved personalization tools.

As a premier smart home company, we understand that much of your home centers around entertainment. The OS3 upgrade adds stunning audio features, integrates the much-lauded Neeo remote, and adds access to content sure to please audiophiles.

Are you curious how Control4 enhances your Vancouver, WA home entertainment? Continue reading below to learn more.

4 Smart Home Control Trends for 2019

Keep an Eye Out For These Smart Features

4 Smart Home Control Trends for 2019

Smart home control technology keeps moving forward rapidly, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it. What's driving this rapid change? The same advances that have inspired so much innovation in our mobile devices — inexpensive, powerful processors, cloud-based software applications and artificial intelligence — are bringing more intelligence to home functionality than ever before.

With the huge CES consumer technology show in January, we are bound to see more new innovative devices and systems for home control and automation that everyone will be talking about for the next few months. We can expect to see more intelligent coffee makers, refrigerators, sprinkler controllers, and washing machines — as well as many other devices that may leave you scratching your head. More importantly, though, many of this year's advances will come with devices and technology that are already available, but their functionality and ease of use will get so much better that we will ultimately depend on them as much as our smartphones and computers. If smart home control and automation weren't already mainstream, we think that 2019 is the year that it becomes so.

At the start of the new year, we’re going to highlight the smart home control developments you’re likely to see in 2019. As you plan your projects for 2019 in Lake Oswego, keep an eye out for these — your clients will likely be asking you about building them into their homes.