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3 Smart Tech Features to Enhance Your Media Room

Make your space the ultimate hangout spot with these technologies

3 Smart Tech Features to Enhance Your Media Room

Your media room is one of the most important and busiest rooms in your home. It’s where you watch movies or binge your favorite TV show with friends and family, cheer on your favorite team during the big game, and where everyone congregates during gatherings at your home. With your media room serving all these purposes, it’s important that the space is designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Your media room design includes things like your TV and speakers, of course, but there’s more to creating an inviting environment than that. Here are three smart systems you can install in your Portland, OR home to make your media room the ultimate hang-out space.

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Whether you’re enjoying your favorite movie, binging the latest Netflix hit, or watching your favorite sports league, controlling the light in the space is absolutely crucial. If there’s glare hitting the screen, you won’t be able to see a thing.

You can better manage the lighting in your media room while boosting convenience with smart lighting control. A smart lighting system gives you total control over every fixture in your home from a dedicated touchpad, remote or smartphone. This includes the lights in your media room; you can tune the lighting to your exact preferences in seconds, and you can save those preferences as preset scenes for future use. Add some motorized shades for even greater convenience, as you’ll be able to lower the shades, dim the lights and turn on your A/V system with a single command.


We’ve all had this happen: It’s the climax of the movie, or a big play is unfolding during the game, and something interrupts the action. It could be a phone call, a sudden urge to use the bathroom, maybe a pang of hunger.

No matter what the issue is, it forces you to pause whatever you’re watching – if you can pause it, which isn’t the case with live sports and similar events. However, you can mitigate these irksome issues with whole-home A/V.

With a distributed audio and video system, you can transmit the feed from any audio or video source throughout your home. Now you can watch or listen to the game in the kitchen as you’re getting a snack without any interruption whatsoever.


Similarly, it’s unpleasant to be interrupted by the sudden ringing of a doorbell right when a climactic scene is playing out on the screen. Before the advent of smart technology, you’d have to leave the room, walk to the front door, see who’s outside, and let them inside before getting back to whatever you were doing.

What if you could see who’s at the door from your phone, let them inside remotely, then lock the door behind them, all without leaving your sofa? You can do exactly that with a smart security system and video intercom. The convenience is unparalleled.

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