Holiday Gift Guide

If your eyes and ears could talk

Encore Audio/Video Holiday Gift Ideas - Shouldn't gift shopping be as fun as gift giving?

Gift Guide: Feel The Power

Convenience at your fingertips

Universal Remote Control MX-780 ($899.99)
  • Universal Remote Control MX-780 ($899.99)

    IMAGINE having the power to control all of your electronics from a single remote. This state-of-the-art remote control can easily orchestrate even the most complex systems, control lighting, and operate components hidden inside cabinets and much more. Optimized for simple one-button use, the superior ergonomic design keeps critical controls within reach. And the vibrant screen uses less energy, while offering a better display in low light conditions. Replace every other remote in your house with this single universal remote, and experience the freedom of true control. Our special holiday price includes custom programming and installation.
  • URC Lighting Control ($299.99*)

    URC Lighting Control ($299.99* Including Setup)

    Now, use the same remote control to dim the lights and start the movie! This single-room dimmer is compatible with any URC remote, with no additional wiring required. Lights come halfway up with the "pause" button, for better visibility when temporarily leaving the room.

    *Requires installation by licensed electrician; not included in price.

Gift Guide: Small But Mighty

Make the most of every note

Geneva Sound System ($249.99)
  • Geneva Sound System XS ($249.99)

    INSPIRED by the classic travel clock, this revolutionary sound system combines real hi-fi performance with true portability. Enjoy music wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet. Geneva's advanced technology produces rich, expansive sound that belies the small size. Just click it shut, slip it into a bag or briefcase, and this compact audio system is ready to go anywhere.
  • Sonos Connect + Arcam Sonlink ($699.99)

    Sonos Connect + Arcam Sonlink ($699.99)

    Add digital music to your stereo or home theater with this package! Whether it's streaming music from your computer, streaming music from the Internet (via apps like Pandora and Spotify), or listening to the hometown radio station from the place you grew up, Sonos lets you access music from your mobile device and stream it to your stereo, and the Arcam DAC makes it all sound great.
  • Sonos Play 5 ($399.99)

    Sonos Play 5 ($399.99)

    Five state-of-the-art digital amps join with five speakers to deliver amazing room-filling sound. Compatibility with Android, Mac and PC devices allows you to play your entire music library, stream music services or access free radio worldwide.

Gift Guide: Modern Tech, Retro Cool

Essentials for a new generation

Peachtree Audio Decco 65 ($899.99)
  • Peachtree Audio Decco 65 ($999.99)

    EXPERIENCE superior sound whether you're streaming music off the Internet or playing your old college turntable. The Decco 65 combines the best technologies, old and new, with a built-in Tube preamp from hi-fi's golden era and a state-of-the art built-in DAC with headphone amplifier for clearer-sounding digital music. Packed with powerful, audiophile-quality 65 watts per channel in a cool, retro-look unit. Just add your computer or streamer and speakers, and hear your favorite album for the first time. Price shown for black finish; other colors available at an additional price.
  • DALI Zenzor 1 ($499.99 Black / $549.99 White)

    DALI Zenzor 1 ($499.99 Black / $549.99 White)

    The little speaker that sounds big. Enjoy DALI's focused, highly dynamic sound reproduction in a compact size. Stereophile magazine raves the Zensor 1 “sets a new benchmark in its class that will be tough to beat.”
  • Rega RP1 ($445.99 Pair)

    Rega RP1 ($445.99)

    Engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment, this next generation turntable offers a minimalist design and exceptionally high quality components. With a hand-assembled tone arm, phenolic resin platter and low vibration motor, the only thing entry-level about the RP1 is the price.

Gift Guide: Totally Tubular

Classic Meets Contemporary

Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier ($2,299.99)
  • Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier ($2,299.99)

    THE BEST integrated amp in its class just got better. This engineering marvel sets a new benchmark in high-performance audio with premium parts, point-to-point wiring, and hand assembly. In addition to its rich, warm, “analog” sound, the ProLogue Premium is a stunner with a striking industrial design and high-gloss, hand-rubbed finish. Experience Hi-Fi in all its glory.
  • Vienna Acoustics Grand Haydn $2,199.99 Pair (as shown) / $1,999.99 Pair (black or cherry)

    Vienna Acoustics Grand Haydn
    $2,199.99 Pair (as shown) / $1,999.99 Pair (black or cherry)

    In the spirit of Vienna's glorious musical tradition, these exquisitely finished, furniture quality speakers will delight the most discerning music aficionado. Powerful and compact, they're available in three finishes.
  • Arcam rDACkw ($699.99)

    Arcam rDACkw ($699.99)

    Want to play music from your computer on your stereo instead? This easy-to-use DAC is designed with special circuitry that decodes digital music for optimal sound. Just plug the wireless transmitter into your computer and the DAC into your stereo, and enjoy full access to your music.

Gift Guide: Good To Go

Get Connected to Better Performance

Sol Republic Master Tracks ($199.99)
  • Sol Republic Master Tracks ($199.99)

    SOPHISTICATED sound and style meet rugged durability in Sol Republic Master Tracks. These over-ear headphones are designed to deliver clear, well-rounded sound within a huge dimensional soundscape. The super flexible, virtually indestructible headband ensures a comfortable, customized fit. And with switchable headband and cables, they can be changed to match any mood or outfit. Encore Exclusive! Sol Republic UO and OSU headphones in stock. (And we can order 70 other school designs!) $129.99
  • AudioQuest DragonFly ($249.99)

    AudioQuest DragonFly ($199.99)

    Delivering breakthrough performance with its high-powered headphone amplifier and DAC for superior sound, DragonFly can even play new high-resolution music formats. Sleek and portable, it plugs into the USB of any Mac or PC.
  • Astell & Kern AK100 ($699.99

    Astell & Kern AK100 ($699.99)

    With the ability to make your iTunes library and high-resolution files sound amazing, the AK100 is truly versatile. The expandable memory can hold an entire music collection, and the built-in DAC and high power headphone amp deliver the fidelity of great home stereo anywhere.

Gift Guide: All Together Now

Enjoy the ultimate in family fun!

Real Home Theater (Installed) ($9,995.99)
  • Real Home Theater (Installed) ($9,995.99)

    A Real Home Theater from Encore Audio/Video gives you more reasons to stay home and spend more time together. Whether you're watching movies, cheering on your favorite team, or playing video games, it's all better with a huge 92” screen and earth-shattering surround sound.

    Your Real Home Theater system features the highest quality components for the ultimate in home viewing. Best of all, our expert technicians can install a complete

    Home Theater in most rooms in just one day! So why wait? Make this the year you bring a Real Home Theater home for the holidays. And bring your family together like never before.

    Package Price Includes:
    • 92" Screen
    • HD Projector
    • Receiver & Speakers
    • Blu-ray Player
    • Universal Remote Control
    • Parts & Installation
    • 3D Glasses
    • Subwoofer
    • Surge Protector

The best gifts are those that delight and amaze.

Encore Audio/Video has inspired gifts for everyone who enjoys great entertainment. That's why you'll find an impressive selection of high quality audio equipment and home theater systems designed to delight and amaze.

As Portland's audio/video experts, we believe that everything about audio/video technology should be fun, stress-free and totally enjoyable — even shopping for it. At Encore, you'll find there are no crowds, no pressure, and plenty of free and easy parking (a true luxury at this time of year).

Stop by our showroom and experience everything Encore Audio/Video has to offer. Together, we'll make this the best holiday season ever.