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Encore Audio/Video Holiday Gift Ideas - Shouldn't gift shopping be as fun as gift giving?

Think Inside The Box

A New Angle on Sound

Definitive Technology Cube - $399.99
  • Definitive Technology Cube - $399.99

    Hard-to-use spaces are no longer off limits for spectacular sound, thanks to the self-powered wireless Cube. The bold but compact shape tucks easily into corners, on kitchen counters or even bookshelves. Combining built-in amplifiers, digital signal processing and speaker components in a Tri-Polar configuration, the Cube’s stunning bass and speaker array makes it sound more like a full size audio system than a tabletop speaker.
  • Definitive Technology Incline - $249.99

    Definitive Technology Incline - $249.99

    Most desktop speakers sound lifeless and flat. Incline’s 9.5-degree angle literally points the speaker toward your ears, so you can hear full bandwidth. The result is vocals, music and movie soundtracks with utterly lifelike sound. Built-in amplifiers, digital signal processing and a bipolar speaker configuration take desktop audio to a new performance standard.

Change Flat to Fat

Make The Most of Every Note

Geneva Sound System ($249.99)
  • Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR - $1,599.00

    While thin-screen TVs may look fantastic, they simply aren’t designed for optimal sound. Enter the Definitive SoloCinema XTR. This ultra-slim amplified sound bar, powerful wireless subwoofer, and ergonomic remote deliver a bigger, fuller, more immersive 5.1 channel sound experience. Simply connect the SoloCinema XTR to your TV, and enjoy high-impact surround sound that rivals component audio systems, without the clutter or complexity.
  • Sonos Connect + Arcam Sonlink ($699.99)

    Sonos Connect + Arcam Sonlink ($699.99)

    Add digital music to your stereo or home theater with this package! Whether it's streaming music from your computer, streaming music from the Internet (via apps like Pandora and Spotify), or listening to the hometown radio station from the place you grew up, Sonos lets you access music from your mobile device and stream it to your stereo, and the Arcam DAC makes it all sound great.
  • Sonos Play 5 ($399.99)

    Sonos Play 5 ($399.99)

    Five state-of-the-art digital amps join with five speakers to deliver amazing room-filling sound. Compatibility with Android, Mac and PC devices allows you to play your entire music library, stream music services or access free radio worldwide.

Get Connected

Small but Mighty

Arcam A19 - $999.99
  • Arcam A19 - $999.99

    Arcam’s most affordable integrated amplifier delivers exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low level distortion, with many of the components and techniques found in their premium products. An intelligent power supply design makes this single amp a digital hub for a whole range of digital connection upgrades including wireless Bluetooth® devices and USB sources. With reference-level sound quality at a sensible price, the A19 will delight music lovers of all generations.
  • Revel M106 - $2000.00

    Revel M106 - $2000.00

    The Revel M106 offers state-of-the-art sound with an impressive combination of wide frequency range, uncompressed dynamic range and low distortion across the entire audible spectrum. And with a small footprint and sleek design, they blend in with any existing décor, all from a speaker designed in the USA.
  • Rega RP1 ($445.99 Pair)

    Arcam rBlink - $249.99

    Stream music from your mobile phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-equipped device to your existing Hi-Fi, wirelessly. The Arcam rBlink uses a class-leading transmission system for superior audio quality that sounds impressively close to a wired connection. Simple, rugged and easy to use, it’s a true breakthrough for music lovers.

Totally Tubular

Essentials for a New Generation

Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier ($2,299.99)
  • Prima Luna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier ($2,399.99)

    THE BEST integrated amp in its class just got better. This engineering marvel sets a new benchmark in high-performance audio with premium parts, point-to-point wiring, and hand assembly. In addition to its rich, warm, “analog” sound, the ProLogue Premium is a stunner with a striking industrial design and high-gloss, hand-rubbed finish. Experience Hi-Fi in all its glory.
  • DALI Zenzor 1 ($499.99 Black / $549.99 White)

    DALI Zenzor 1 ($399.99)

    The little speaker that sounds big. Enjoy DALI's focused, highly dynamic sound reproduction in a compact size. Stereophile magazine raves the Zensor 1 “sets a new benchmark in its class that will be tough to beat.”
  • Rega RP1 ($445.99 Pair)

    Rega RP1 ($445.99)

    Engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment, this next generation turntable offers a minimalist design and exceptionally high quality components. With a hand-assembled tone arm, phenolic resin platter and low vibration motor, the only thing entry-level about the RP1 is the price.

Sonic Superstars

Portable Powerhouses

Definitive Technology BP-8060ST with Integra DTR-50.6 - $4,499.99
  • Definitive Technology BP-8060ST with Integra DTR-50.6 - $4,499.99

    Rich, three-dimensional sound starts with Definitive’s Bipolar SuperTower. With builtin SuperCube® powered subwoofers for lightning-fast, earthshaking bass and the latest generation midrange drivers, there’s never been more lifelike sound. Add the Integra’s THX®-certified surround sound for even more emotional power. It combines state-of-the-art hi-res processing and pure analog muscle to bring all your entertainment sources to room-filling life.
  • AudioQuest DragonFly ($249.99)

    AudioQuest DragonFly ($149.99)

    Delivering breakthrough performance with its high-powered headphone amplifier and DAC for superior sound, DragonFly can even play new high-resolution music formats. Sleek and portable, it plugs into the USB of any Mac or PC.
  • Astell & Kern AK100 ($699.99

    Beyerdynamic A 200 p - $299.99

    Transform standard portable sound into a true Hi-Fi experience. The A 200 p circumvents the connected player’s internal signal processing to better control output. The result is more contoured and deeper bass, along with natural Instrument and vocal reproduction.

All Together Now

Real Home Theater

Real Home Theater (Installed) ($9,995.99)
  • Real Home Theater (Installed) ($9,995.99)

    A Real Home Theater from Encore Audio/Video gives you more reasons to stay home and spend more time together. Whether you're watching movies, cheering on your favorite team, or playing video games, it's all better with a huge 92” screen and earth-shattering surround sound.

    Your Real Home Theater system features the highest quality components for the ultimate in home viewing. Best of all, our expert technicians can install a complete Home Theater in most rooms in just one day! So why wait? Make this the year you bring a Real Home Theater home for the holidays. And bring your family together like never before.

    Package Price Includes:
    • 92" Screen
    • HD Projector
    • Receiver & Speakers
    • Blu-ray Player
    • Universal Remote Control
    • Parts & Installation
    • 3D Glasses
    • Subwoofer
    • Surge Protector

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